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Care at our core.

We believe that the right childcare solution can give working parents the confidence to be their best selves at work and with their children.

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Our team is powered by kanban boards, best-in class robotic process automation, coffee, and a seriously strong people-first focus.

What does Nanniest do?

Nanniest is a concierge childcare consulting service that helps educate and empower working parents.

I want my company to offer Nanniest as a benefit!

It's more than childcare:
it's peace of mind.

By partnering with our corporate clients, we're able to make concierge childcare consulting a more accessible, affordable, and approachable option for working parents. Our ability to offer services at scale, across the United States, means less stress and more success for families.

Our Values

We're intentional about how we show up to work every day.

Approach with Empathy
Respect Others & Yourself
Foster an Environment of Growth
Celebrate Humanity
Collaborate & Listen

If you're passionate about promoting opportunity, removing barriers to knowledge, and helping people expand their horizons, we'd love to hear from you and get you involved with Nanniest. 

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