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Expert support for you and your growing family.

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Our Care Pathways are designed to deliver targeted support to you and your family when it’s needed most, across the spectrum of childhood from pre-natal to post-natal and beyond.

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Getting ready

0-5 years old

Care support

Care Provider

Selecting a

Sleep Success


We educate and empower parents.


Choosing Childcare

Working with a third-party childcare provider can be intimidating. We help parents explore options and select the solution that is best for their family, considering logistics, affordability, and personal factors.

About this Pathway

Kickoff "getting to know you" video session

Up to 10 half-hour long check-ins

Introduction to childcare options

How to find and vet local offerings

Background checks for nannies

Customizing childcare contracts

Managing child interactions with caregivers

Addressing developmental needs


Sleep Success

Sleep issues can present themselves at any time. We help parents set their child up for sleep success from day one, develop a healthy daytime routine, or correct sleep issues well into toddlerhood.

About this Pathway

Kickoff "getting to know you" video session

Diagnostic questionnaire and discussion

Custom sleep plan for your child

Up to 10 half-hour long check-ins


Confident Childcare

We’re here. We help give parents peace of mind as they navigate childcare challenges unique to their family. Our expert, one-on-one childcare consultants are always just a few clicks away.

About this Pathway

Kickoff "getting to know you" video session

Up to 10 half-hour long check-ins

How to interact with and care for your child

Troubleshoot sleep and nutrition

Managing life transitions and caregiving

Introducing solid foods for baby

Social and emotional preparedness

Discuss developmental milestones


Home Baby

Planning to bring home a new family member is exciting! We help parents consider their new child’s needs - and make sure they have all the right things to welcome their child into the world.

About this Pathway

Kickoff "getting to know you" video session

Up to 10 half-hour long check-ins

Help creating your baby registry

Guide to setting up your child's nursery

Resource list of baby necessities

Hospital "go bag" reference checklist

Baby sleep and nutrition guide resource

Week 0-8 suggested schedules

Here's what some of our exceptional parents have to say about us:

Business Team

"Our 15-month old now sleeps through the night and is effectively weaning off of breast milk and has the ability to go back to sleep on her own now that she is sleep trained. Wendy was very professional and extremely good company during this time and we appreciate her work so very much!"

– Brendan A.


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Simple pricing for your needs

We can't wait to work with you and your family. Select a pathway and get started today.

  • Best Value

    Nanniest Advisor+

    Get professional 1:1 advice as you explore childcare options
    Valid for one year
    • One hour-long kickoff with your Nanniest Consultant
    • Ten 30-minute video consultations, whenever you need them
    • One year of access to your Nanniest Parent Portal
    • Job post, offer letter, and nanny contract templates
    • Interview prompts for your candidate discussions
    • Access to complete candidate background checks
    • Introductions to payroll and healthcare benefit providers
  • 30-min Care Session

    Answer any and all of your pressing childcare questions
    • One 30-minute video call with an expert childcare consultant
    • Discuss any childcare-related topic from birth to 5 y/o
    • Talk with a certified Newborn Care Specialist (NCS)
    • Evaluate childcare options and ask one-off questions
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