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Think of us as your parenting co-pilot.

Whether you're an expecting parent, an "I've-done-this-before" parent or anything in between, we're standing by to partner with you to help navigate your unique family-building journey.

We help parents win at childcare.

How we can support you.

Our Care Pathways are designed to deliver targeted support for you and your children when it’s needed most, across the spectrum of childhood from pre-natal to post-natal and beyond.

When you select a Pathway, we pair your family with a personal Childcare Consultant - a certified industry expert who provides 1:1 support and advice in video chats with you, scheduled at your convenience.


Home Baby

Planning to bring home a new family member is exciting! We help parents consider their new child’s needs - and make sure they have all the right things to welcome their child into the world.

Best for...
Expecting parents.

Choosing Child Care


Child care can be intimidating. We help parents explore options and select the solution that is best for their family, considering logistics, affordability, and personal factors.

Best for...
New or expecting parents.



Sleep issues can present themselves at any time. We help parents set their child up for sleep success from day one, develop a healthy daytime routine, or correct sleep issues well into toddlerhood.

Best for...
New parents.



We’re here. We help give parents peace of mind as they navigate childcare challenges unique to their family. Our expert, one-on-one childcare consultants are always just a few clicks away.

Best for...
Parents, anytime.


Get to know your care co-pilots.

Wendy Sjaardema, NCS

Lead Childcare Consultant

  • Certified Newborn Care Specialist

  • 2021 INA "Nanny of the Year" 

  • Over 20 years of childcare experience

Wendy Sjaardema is a professional Consultant specializing in the private childcare field. She is a CACHE certified Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) with both Master® and Elite™ NCS qualifications and a seasoned Professional Nanny with over 20 years of private childcare experience and was the recipient of the prestigious International Nanny Association 2021 “Nanny of the Year” (NOTY) award.


Peace of mind.

We can't wait to work with you. Explore what you get out of your Nanniest partnership below:

Pathway Use
Paid by Employer

Each pathway includes up to ten 30-minute sessions with an expert Childcare Consultant.

We have 196 remaining use slots available for purchase in 2023. We limit our capacity to ensure each parent gets the 1:1 attention and personalized service they deserve.

Resources & Tools

We will provide you with templatized resources, education materials, and other tools and links that may be helpful to you and your family as you navigate challenges presented before and during early childhood.

Introductions & Discounts

Depending on your needs, we can provide introductions to other solutions, support networks, or other groups in our network of family care and childcare experts.

We provide our services as part of your company's benefit or perk package. Introduce us to your HR team today to unlock our expert care.

Ready to get started?


Learn more about Nanniest, what we do, and how we help parents.

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