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Healthcare for your nanny.

Nanniest Healthcare helps parents offer tax-free healthcare benefits to their nanny with a streamlined ICHRA plan that takes just minutes to set up and costs just $85 per month.

Health insurance for nannies

Tax-free. Simple. Compliant. 

Offer your nanny a comprehensive best-in-class Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) for insurance premiums and medical expenses. It's all part of our commitment to fair and legal pay for household employees.

The best healthcare for the best nannies

We help you take care of the person who takes care of your family.

We take care of everything you need to offer a healthcare reimbursement benefit to your nanny, including all of the paperwork and regulatory needs.

We provide...

  • Insurance shopping guidance for your nanny

  • Ongoing support

  • Easy-to-use online dashboard

  • HIPAA compliance needs

  • Required IRS reporting

...and much more.

Setup Process

Getting started is simple and easy

We know providing health insurance can be confusing, time-consuming, and frustrating. That's why we're here to support you.

Step 1

Set up your nanny's health plan

Define your budget

Some parents contribute a few hundred dollars a month, while others offer more. You're in control. That's the power of an ICHRA!

Set your plan start date

If your nanny already has their own qualifying health insurance, you can start your ICHRA as soon as they onboard, and they will be eligible for the entirety of the month’s allowance. 

Additionally, offering a ICHRA triggers what's called a Special Enrollment Period (SEP), enabling your nanny to pick a new plan if they need to.

Talk with an ICHRA Expert

Our partner team is standing by to support you for any technical questions you have.


Step 2

Casual Meeting
Onboard your nanny

Tell your nanny

Based on your plan's start date, our team will ensure that you communicate with your nanny when the time is right, according to IRS guidance. Additionally, we'll help you explain the ICHRA to your nanny.

Your nanny creates an account

Your nanny will access their ICHRA account and set up their profile and begin the onboarding process.

Expert support for your nanny

Our partner team will help your nanny answer technical questions about enrolling in plans, selecting options, and how to submit claims for reimbursement. Chat, email, and phone - available year-round.

Step 3

Provide info to your payroll & tax team

Access monthly reports

We'll deliver monthly reports that indicate what should be reimbursed to your nanny for the month, which your payroll team can use for disbursements.

Access annual reports

We will provide the annual history and detail that your tax professional will need to prepare relevant year-end tax forms.

Keep your information up to date

Hiring / firing individuals? Keep us up to date in order to manage your account appropriately.

Flexible Payment Planning
Sign Up

Offer the best in benefits.

Our $85 per month service and platform fee covers care for one nanny. Cancel anytime. Does not include the amount you choose to reimburse for your nanny. You will need to have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and be an IRS-registered household employer. Get one here.

  • Nanniest Healthcare

    Every month
    Offer a best-in-class ICHRA healthcare benefit to your nanny
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