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What does Nanniest do?

Nanniest is a concierge childcare consulting service that works with working parents help them explore the right childcare option for their family.

Add your team to the 300,000+ employees Nanniest covers today

Why should you offer Nanniest?

A benefit for your people and your business.

Intentional Employee Engagement

The right childcare provider helps parents manage obligations, boosting productivity and satisfaction as they engage on their own terms both at work and at home. We help your parents as they find the right solution for their family.

Attract & Retain

Delight your current and prospective working parents by offering an innovative, targeted, effective benefit that will support them as find the perfect provider for their family's needs.

Promote Company Values

We provide template awareness campaigns to use both internally and externally to drive utilization and impressions.

Ease of Use

A co-branded launch page at to describe the offering and enable working parents to start the process and take advantage of their Nanniest benefit as they search for childcare for their family.

Simple Pricing

We offer an affordable pricing model based on a variable usage cost charged to your company when a parent engages our services.

How does Nanniest work?

1. Your company signs up as a client.

2. We help your company promote this benefit to your working parents and to the marketplace for talent.

3. Your employees use our platform and resources as they find the childcare solution that fits their family's needs, at no cost to them.

It's more than childcare:
it's peace of mind.

By partnering with our corporate clients, we're able to demystify childcare for working parents. Our ability to offer services at scale, across the United States, means less stress and more success for families.

Start a conversation with the Nanniest team about your business.

We can't wait to connect with you and discuss ways Nanniest can help your company provide our services as a benefit to your people!

Can't wait to work with you! 

We'll be in touch soon.

Childcare is changing. Be a force for good.

Family benefits are essential, now more than ever as parents cope with shifting demands. Maven Clinic - a leading family health and benefit provider - produced a "State of Family Health Benefits" report in 2022 that highlights current benefit plan gaps to support families. The report surveyed 300 HR leaders and 1,000 employees across the United States.


53% of employees want help balancing parenthood with the demands of their job.


43% of employees say that return-to-work coaching would have helped them feel more equipped after giving birth.


60% of employees have left or considered leaving a job because of inadequate family benefits


17% of employees left their jobs because they wanted to find a better fit on their path to and through parenthood.

Top Three Employee-Requested Areas of Support:

1. When starting a family or adding new family members

2. Coming home with a new baby

3. Returning to work after leave and balancing work with parenthood

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