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Collaborate and Listen

This is part of Nanniest's "About Our Values" Series, to learn more about us, please visit our About Us page.

We're in the business of connections. As a company that provides nanny recruiting services as a company benefit, our explicit task is connecting great nannies with great parents across the United States.

For us, connecting is personal, and more than just a transactional "search and place" relationship. When we make connections at Nanniest (with client companies, parents, nannies, and teammates), we build relationships based on our value: collaborate and listen.

When we connect and share a virtual or physical space, we have the opportunity and privilege to meet incredible people and connect ideas, needs, hopes, and desires. It's our commitment to listen to the people we're with, which means being present and "listening to understand and empathize" versus "listening to respond."

When we truly hear someone and understand what they're sharing, we have the opportunity to respond with a collaborative solution. As we collaborate, we create room for the group to problem-solve and revise our proposed approach, making sure each individual is heard.

Collaborate and listen are both action verbs: they're actions we take to heart as we work together every day. When we listen actively and collaborate intentionally, we have the chance to connect on a personal and professional level and deliver high quality work.

We can't wait to listen to you and collaborate with you!


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