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How to Rock a Routine

Schedule like the superstar you are.

Variety may be the spice of life, but nanny pros rely on routine to get the job done the right way. Having a solid, set routine helps you and all your stakeholders (parents, teachers, wards, bus drivers, etc.) stay on track and on time. Today, we're taking a look at some of the benefits of having a set routine or schedule. Hopefully these tips can help you maximize your time efficiently and provide your charges with the structure and support that they need!

Benefits of Having a Routine or Schedule:

1. Provides parents with a clear outline of your day – When you have a routine that you stick to, this allows your charge’s parents to clearly see what exactly you accomplish throughout the day. It communicates that you take your charge's growth responsibilities seriously as your own and have a plan for how you structure the day.

2. Provides your charges with a sense of security and supports their needs – Children respond well to routines and schedules. A schedule provides them with structure and it makes them feel more secure. Routines also help to reduce tantrums, and misbehavior; when children know what to anticipate, transitions do not feel as abrupt for them.

3. Helps to manage your time efficiently – You are responsible for a lot throughout the day! By having a routine, you make great use of your time. Having each task identified and scheduled allows you to ensure that everything gets accomplished. Additionally, routines and schedules can be revised if you find that there is a better time to do a task.

It is important to also build in moments of flexibility into your schedule. While having a routine is important, it is also important to understand that there will be times when you will need to be flexible. Your charge may have a rough day, or your charge’s parent may ask you to do an unexpected task. Having room for flexibility allows you to be prepared for anything. Don't let these one-off changes shake your cool - that's what flex time is for!

In summary, routines and schedules provide you and your charge with structure and familiarity. They know what to expect throughout the day, and you know that you have enough time to accomplish what you need to do. This makes your day go by smoothly, and your charge’s parents have the comfort of knowing that they have left their child in good hands!


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