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We make it easy to find the right childcare.

Wondering where to start? This is a great place! Click the link below to schedule a call with us - we'd be happy to discuss your childcare needs.

Why should I work with Nanniest?

Peace of mind for you and your family.

Dedicated care for your family

We help working parents learn about, evaluate, and pick the right childcare option. Debating between daycare, a full or part-time nanny, an au-pair, nanny shares, in-home care, or other options? Having a trusted childcare partner provide advice and support gives our clients peace of mind knowing that their children are being given personalized attention.

Individualized care

One-on-one attention to your family's needs means we give you the special care and in-the-moment attention you need to make sure your children thrive and develop.


We give you access to your consultant's calendar, so you can schedule support sessions any time you need, whenever something comes up.

Scheduling flexibility

Did something come up? We understand. That's why we're available during extended hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You're called Nanniest - do you promote hiring a nanny to every family?
We help parents pick the childcare option that works best for their family. Working with a nanny as a childcare partner gives working parents peace of mind knowing that their children are being given personalized attention, typically in their own home. However, hiring a nanny is not the right option for every family. 
Do you find a specific childcare provider for my family?
We do not find childcare providers for your family - we help you as you research, evaluate, and ultimately select your provider. We can recommend agency services if you require additional help finding a provider.
Will you take care of my children?
We are a concierge childcare consulting service, not a hands-on caregiver service. We will support you as you find someone to take care of your family.
Do you provide back-up care?
No, we do not help source back-up care providers, though we can help recommend ways to build a robust childcare support network in your community.

It's more than childcare:
it's peace of mind.

By partnering with our corporate clients, we're able to make personalized childcare consulting a more accessible, affordable, and approachable option for working parents. Our ability to offer services at scale, across the United States, means less stress for families, and more success for caregivers.

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