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We help parents pick the right childcare.

Nanniest is a concierge childcare advisory service that works with working parents to help them explore the right childcare option for their family - whether that’s a daycare, nanny, or other option.

Start a conversation with our team, or learn more about our services.


We're with you every step of the way.

Family Education

We provide education to help you understand what it takes to engage with a professional childcare provider.

Hiring Considerations

Recruiting childcare providers externally? Prepare a job post that our team will review and revise before you find a candidate.

Evaluative Research

Learn how to evaluate options, applicants, check references, and conduct in-person trial interviews with your whole family involved.

Tax & Payroll

Connect with our partner payroll and tax provider agency to set up compliant payment and recordkeeping.

Contract Templates

If applicable, offer your provider a formalized employment contract that lays out the terms of their engagement with your family.

Find Your Fit

Congratulations on partnering with a childcare provider! We will continue to send you resources and education opportunities.

The Childcare Journey

In-Home Center?
Nanny Share?
Au Pair?

Choosing the right childcare provider for your family can feel like a chaotic, winding journey. We're here to help.


Meeting 1

We'll meet 1:1 with you to talk about your family's goals, childcare needs, and options.


Meeting 2

We'll discuss available childcare solutions, including the pros and cons of each option, logistic challenges, and lifestyle impact.


Meeting 3

We'll review your decision and will help prepare you to research and begin your provider selection process.


Additional Follow-Ups

We are available to provide on-demand guidance and support as you continue your childcare journey.

Supporting families nationwide.

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